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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a thrill when it happens. An actor finds the courage to be so raw and real it takes your breath away. It happened for me today, during a private coaching session. A local actor (you know who you are, you fabulous woman!) came in and let everything that is happening in her life into the scene she was working on. She brought her fear and apprehension, her heartbreak, her utter vulnerability, hiding none of it. Now THAT is exciting, compelling acting.

We talked a bit about the masks we wear. About how we hide who we are, or try to change what we feel in the moment. You simply can't control everything and when you stop trying to, magic can happen. You put everything, your whole, imperfect, struggling self into the character and your work connects.

I can't take credit. This actor walked in the door with all her defenses down. But it was a real treat watching her work - watching her use not just her head, but also her heart to allow each word to sing with truth.

That's why we do this folks. To make a genuine human connection. To honor what's inside each and every one of us. And that takes the kind of courage I saw today.

God, I love actors.

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